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Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is a multidisciplinary artist within the fields of visual art and composer. He creates performances, sculptures, and videos. In his performances from his first few years as an artist, he would frequently use prerecorded sounds that were played on turntables. He has taken apart vinyl records and piece them back together with other records to create a new sound. He took inspiration from Marcel Duchamp when he began to make sculptures out of musical instruments. The avant-garde artist John Cage is another one of Marclay’s inspirations when creating his own work. He continues to experiment with the relationship between sound and music throughout his artistic career.

My favorite art from Christian Marclay would be his album cover art. I found these the most interesting because it shows the time it takes to find the perfect fit when constructing a scene from a material that has many different covers to work with. Another piece I found really interesting was his record installation. A great deal of time and energy have gone into placing and choosing the best colors and types of records to be placed next to one another. I appreciate the amount of time Marclay puts into his pieces and I think that makes me enjoy his work and himself as an artist even more than I did after simply browsing over his work

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