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Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangle is an artist that uses music and coding as his main tools. He is known for reconfiguring wed designs, editing video clips and hacking to create his own form of art.  He was born in New York, but now lives in Norway. He is considered nostalgic when it comes to making art through older video games. Arcangel originally saw music as his only artform, but soon learned about the technology used in music production and that began his journey as a technological/ multimedia artist.

“Some of his best known works include his Photoshop Gradient Demonstrations, digital paintings made from the software’s ubiquitous templates; Super Mario Clouds (2002), for which he hacked the classic video game to remove everything but its sunny backdrop; and Drei Klavierstücke op.11(2009), a version of Arnold Schönberg’s 1909 musical piece of the same name made from compiled YouTube clips of cats playing the piano”.

When I first googled Cory, I was originally not impressed by his work. I felt it was too simple and basic for my interest. The first image is saw was of the Adidas towel like creation and I was mostly confused by it. I did not understand what his goal was when he constructed this. No emotion came up when looking through most of his work. Of course, that might have been his goal, but I’m not sure I like that option either. As I continued to look at his art, the feeling that there was a lack of emotion and interest continued. It sort of reminds me of when I look at a painting of some shapes. All I can think is “I can do that, so what makes it so great”. I realize that digital art is not my main area of interest, but I still feel I can create some of his pieces on my own time and they would not be nearly as famous as his are. I do also realize that in digital art you are not always able to tell how much time and effort are put into the pieces, so I will acknowledge that he worked hard on these pieces, but his work just is not my favorite thing to look at.

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