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David Mcleod

David Mcleod is an Australian artist who now lives in New York. He works primarily in experimental digital still and moving art. Mcleod’s work is driven by a curiosity for exploring new methods of visual expression. Experimental materials, simulations and generative methods play a central role in his creative process. McLeod uses vibrant palettes and organic motion when creating his 3D environments and short films. David has worked with a variety of Agencies, Clients and Artists throughout his career including: Toyota, Motorola, Calvin Klein, Omega, Mastercard, Canon, RGA, Grey, Bloomingdales, The Boston Globe, Variety Magazine, DDB, Droga5, Saatchi & Saatchi, M&C Saatchi, EnergyBBDO, Greenpeace and Wired UK.

I am now a big fan of David’s artwork. I love the organic pieces the most, but I do enjoy some the more structured pieces like “Pipelines”. His video art gives the pieces a fluid movement when they are forming in front of the viewer. My favorite series is “Sequential” because it uses the art form of repetition. When I personally am looking at these pieces, I m seeing them as a form of sculpture even though it was made on a screen. I love how Mcleod as an artist does not conform to one theme with his artwork. He incorporates so many different textures, colors and ideas into his many works and I find that very refreshing to not know what to expect next from the artist.


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