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Final Project + Log

2 hours “thinking”

2 hours making and thinking up sounds

I spent some time trying to find what sounds I could create to share what is heard while playing sequence. I made a few different noises with the chips used in the game. I made some shuffling noises with the cards as well as dealing and placing the cards down.

1 hours cropping down sounds to 12 min

I quickly realized that I still had 26 minutes of us talking and playing the game, so I had to go through the game and find the sections that worked better than others. For some parts, I wanted to add the same section of sound twice to make it louder and it was a lot harder to match them up on sperate sections.

2 hours going through sounds and beginning to connect them

After picking out what sections of the voices I wanted, I began to add in the noises of the chips and cards as well as some nail tapping and making certain sections louder than others when I felt that some conversations helped share how we played the game.

1.5 hours of testing effects

I was not very familiar with the different noise effects when I first started this project, so I spent some time playing around with what effects would work best for the different sounds I made. I ended up going with the Echo, Distortion, and Delays.

1 hour re-recording sounds that did not sound too good

I eventually did not feel some of my card sounds were not as good as they could be. So I spent some time re-recording the sounds and having other people shuffle the cards so I would have a variety of options.

2 hours effects for ½

After connection the sounds and was happy with how it sounded, I went through the sections containing chips, cards shuffling, nails tapping and certain sections of the people talking.

1.5 hour effects finished

Working on the sound effects took a lot longer than I thought since it was tough to figure out how much feedback and the level of the effect I needed so it would be noticeable, but not overpowering the other sounds happening at the same time.

3 hours reviewing the final product (done over the span of two days 1.5 each)

I spent some free time that I had this week beginning to go over my final piece. I listened to the full thing and began to tweak it and managed to get through half of it with the time I had.

The next night I went through the second half and tweaked it to flow with the first half. I made minor modifications to the noise levels and the effects so they wouldn’t mess with each other when playing at the same time.

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