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Kelli Connell

Kelli Connell is a photographer that creates her work through scanning and manipulating two or more images in photoshop. She creates realistic situations of herself in two forms. She can be seen laughing, sitting on the floor, in public situations, and in her own home to convey a story through one final image. She creates her work through her own personal experiences and ones she has observed through her daily life. The images though they look real, have never happened. “The events portrayed in these photographs look believable, yet have never occurred. “By digitally creating a photograph that is a composite of multiple negatives of the same model in one setting, the self is exposed as not a solidified being in reality, but as a representation of social and interior investigations that happen within the mind.” Kelli questions gender roles, sexuality, and the identity behind the self. “By combining multiple photographic negatives of the same model in each image, the dualities of the self are defined by body language and clothing worn. This work is an honest representation of the duality or multiplicity of the self in regards to decisions about intimate relationships, family, belief systems and lifestyle options… I am interested in not only what the subject matter says about myself, but also what the viewer’s response to these images says about their own identities and social constructs.”

When I first looked at Kelli’s images, I thought she had a twin sister. Once I read her bio, I understood that the images were not actually her reality. I think by me looking at the images before reading the ideas behind them shows that she was right in her idea the make a realistic scene through photoshop. Once I learned the great lengths she went to creating these images, I gained a new respect for her as an artist and the images themselves. I began to stare at each image for a few minutes and attempt to pick them apart to try and guess how she set up these scenes and what made her chose these types of relationships to convey with herself and the subject(s). After learning what a challenge photoshop can be, I really love looking at how clean and perfect the photographs are when she is finished editing. She has her own style with these images, and it works in her favor because it grabs the viewers attention and they can’t look away until they have taken in every aspect of the artwork.

Windowsill, 2006

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