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Kirsten Lepore

Kirsten Lepore is a California based artist who works in animation. She is best known for “Bottle” and “Bad Jubies”. She is the writer, director, producer and the one who comes up with the stories told in her animation. She is extremely dedicated to her work and can take up to nine months to share her final animation like in her work “Bottles” where she created part of that short in New Jersey and the rest back in LA. She creates her own pieces to share with the world but also does some work for ads and tv shows. She takes inspiration from everything that surrounds her.  My sisters, friends, music, dance, weird conversations, walking through craft stores, and looking at nature are all constantly inspiring. I try to enjoy and take something from every new experience”.

The first piece I clicked on was “Hello Stranger” and I watched this with no prior background of her art or her life. This I found quite strange. I watched the whole thing in confusion. After continuing through her artwork found she enjoys storytelling through her animation. I was really pleased to find that she is the only person working on these pieces when it comes to executing her pieces. My favorite piece was “Bottle”. I watched it through once, then I watched her process video and read some interviews on how she felt about the piece. Her dedication to her craft is shown through all her pieces. I greatly appreciate that she shares her process of making her pieces. She uses everything and anything to create content for her animation stories. After watching the short a few more time, I still can not imagine myself coming up with such a great story to convey this certain message and finding such an elegant way to share it.

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