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Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez is an avant-garde sound artist. She uses turntables as her instrument to create her own sounds with records. She uses the records up until their breaking point, literally. She is also an author of a book on creating unique sounds with turntables. She utilizes the scratched on the records she finds and even creates her own by placing records on top of each other. She wants to share moments and acts of chance when she is creating her sounds. If she feels that a record no longer fits the sound she was looking for, she will “sacrifice it.” If the record brakes properly, she will layer the shards on top of each other to create a brand new sound.

I am personally not a fan of the sounds Chavez creates, but I do love her process of creating the sounds. Chavez is able to create a musical collage with her records and the art she creates with them can surprise the viewer and even herself. Her attitude is amazing when it comes to her being ready to make mistakes with scratching and destroying records without knowing the outcome. I really love that she doesn’t get attached to her work and is willing to leave something behind when the records are flowing together anymore. I feel that being an artist comes with the knowledge that not every piece is going to work and something might break or go wrong and it is a tough skill to gain when you work so hard on your pieces.


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