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Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome creates his work by combining multiple mediums including collage, sculpture, video, music, and performance. He is well known for his collages which are placed in frames that he creates himself. He is interested in how images used in media communicate a distorted assumption of who has power. His artwork creates compositions that have an abstract feel. His work is also said to oppose “cultural essentialisms”. He is strongly influenced by pop culture status symbols. Newsome is now moving towards portraiture. He “engages with the idea of agency, specifically in relation to interpretations of feminism by trans-gender and cis-gender women of color”.

I have never heard of Rashaad Newsome before, but I am now a big fan of his work. My favorite 2D medium to work in is college and I have found that I can really connect to his work and find similarities in some of my previous work with found objects. My favorite discovery when looking through his artwork was the Lamborgini artwork he did. I love the patterns and objects he chose for this piece. My least favorite exhibition would be Art on Paper. When I initially looked over these pieces I was not very impressed with these “scribbles”, but when I read about the inspiration for the work being his studies of dancers movements, I gained a new appreciation for the pieces. I enjoy the simplicity of his collages. The custom framing he does on each of his pieces is stunning. I did notice that with each set of collages there is a color scheme within the pieces. He definitely has a great deal of dedication to making his work as detailed as possible.

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