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Robert Beatty

Robert Beatty is an artist based in Lexington, KY and is best known for his album cover art. As a child, he loved making art and drew inspiration from “weird” sources including Mad Magazine and Monty Python.Beatty himself was in a few bands which is how he began to create album covers. He soon created covers for friends he met on the road while touring. When creating a cover for a musician, Beatty takes the time to learn more about the artists work and what they are looking for in this album cover. The sketches he creates during this meeting he then puts together to create the album cover.

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The first word that came to my mind when looking through Beatty’s art was psychedelic. While some of his art is more controlled when it comes to the contents, the majority of his work combines so many different elements into one cohesive piece. Though I personally find some of the work a little crowded, I cannot question his choices because he also has to follow the musicians’ vision along with his. The color palette for his pieces always has some element that pops out more than anything else in the work. I also really appreciate how each piece has its own personality. When going through his art, I tried to make some connection between the pieces, but it was a tough task to complete. My final comment on his work is that I really enjoy his use of perspective within his pieces. I am not someone who has focused on album cover art prior to this blog, I can say that I will be paying more attention to it from now on.

”Drip Drip”-Oct. 2018

”How Trump Wins by Losing”-March 2017

“Psychic Drift”-April 2017

Artwork for Spiritual Jazz show featuring Kamasi Washington, Pharoah Sanders, and The Sun Ra Arkestra.-May 2016

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